Hi, how are you?
I'm Boris, profoundly passionate about film and photography person you'll probably ever met.
And I so glad that you came here to get to know me and what I do. 
Storytime. I started my career as a junior graphic designer back in 2005. For several years my main focus was on design production for a variety of advertising products, printing, web, etc. But I always have a hunger for photo and video production. Big dreams and hard work brought me to commercial video production and I got a chance to work for brands like MARS, P&G, JTI, Sanofi, and others. I was entrusted with all stages of pre, pro, and postproduction.

In Sweden, I worked in a couple of positions where I performed all my accumulated knowledge and expertise in video and photo production. In many productive collaborations, I've contributed as DP, cameraman, video editor, production assistant, photographer, editor, colorist, and makeup artist. I speak and write English, Russian, and Swedish.
Avid Media Composer, Adobe CC, DaVinci Resolve, you name it. I'm finding it exciting to learn new and developing new skills which I do with ease. My interests besides technology and science include psychology, human rights, sustainability, and dogs. I adore dogs.

Ambitious and creative-driven storyteller, with a positive mindset and sense of humor. 
Responsive, loyal, and in a constant state of personal development. That's how my former colleagues describe me. 
One of the recent projects is the Swedish drama Gåsmamman where I have been really dedicated and shown a great understanding of storytelling, editing, and flexibility towards how the team has intended episodes to be told. That what my former coworker wrote in the recommendation in my LinkedIn, check yourself out. ​​​​​​​
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